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What I Listened To This Week – 4-17-20

  • The Complete Guide to Everything: Tom Reynolds and Tim Daniels discuss Moon conspiracies. Did we ever really land on the moon? Is the moon made out of green cheese? Does the moon even exist in the first place? I don’t believe in the Moon, I think it’s just the back of the Sun.
  • Today, Explained: Taking a look at the plan to speed up creating a vaccine for COVID-19
  • The Press Box: Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker touch on the latest update from the president on reopening the economy and talk about the Michigan protesters

What I Listened To This Week – 4-10-20

  • The Political Orphanage: Andrew Heaton talks with Colin Mortimer and Ben Ritz about what’s going on in the economy now that COVID-19 has most of the country under lockdown.
  • Current Geek: Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt tackle one of the most divisive debates of our time: Star Trek vs. Star Wars.
  • The Road to Now: Bob Crawford & Ben Sawyer speak with Dr. Priscilla Wald about her research on what she calls the “outbreak narrative” and how understanding it might help us respond better in the present.

What I Listened To This Week – 4-3-20

  • The Sunday Scaries Podcast: The COVID-19 shutdown has now lasted long enough for us to actually develop habits… even bad ones. So they talk about getting out of your coronavirus rut.
  • Current Geek: For their monthly film festival episode, Scott and Tom watch Gone with the Wind. Good timing for it, since everyone’s trapped at home and that movie is like six hours long.
  • The Political Orphanage: Andrew Heaton talk about what we can expect the next two weeks to be like as the COVID-19 outbreak rages on.
  • BONUS: Since we’re all in quarantine, there are a lot of people with a lot more free time on their hands. So quite a few podcasters are trying out daily versions of their show. Most notable for me would be Car Con Carne and Night Attack