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What I Listened To This Week – 3-20-20

  • Alienating the Audience: Andrew Heaton talks to Josh Jennings about “The Day of the Triffids,” by John Wyndham and the origins of the modern zombie genre. That seems pretty cromulent, given the news lately.
  • Weird Things: When the news gets weird, Weird Things gets normal. They chat about the impact COVID-19 is having on the world and what it will mean for the future… it might last a while or people might otherwise get a taste for working for home.
  • Cordkillers: What with theaters shut down and everybody else working from home, it’s probably going to be a golden age for streaming media

What I Listened To This Week – 3-13-20

  • Based on a True Story: Dan LeFebvre talks with UFO expert Rob Kristoffersen about the historical accuracy of the History Channel’s TV show. They’re debating the context of the series, not really the aliens. Well, a little bit of the aliens.
  • The Road to Now: Ben Sawyer and Bob Crawford speak with Dr. Chuck Keeney about the history of coal in the United States. It’s actually a replay of an interview from 2017. But it was new to me.
  • The Ringer MLB Show: Ben Lindbergh and Zach Kram discuss the big news that there won’t be any big news for a while, because MLB is shutting things down for a while until the coronavirus outbreak loses some steam.

What I Listened To This Week – 2-28-20

  • The Press Box: Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker preview the South Carolina primary.
  • The Space Above Us: JP Burke is a software engineer working at the Goddard Space Flight Center, who is creating a podcast about every single US space flight in history. The most recent episode is talking about STS-28 in 1989, which was one of the double-secret Air Force missions.
  • The Only One In The Room: Laura Cathcart Robbins talks to Major Williams, who is running for Mayor of Pasadena. Oh yeah, he’s also an African-American Republican. That fits in pretty perfectly with the premise of her podcast, since he’s probably been the only African-American Republican in the room on more than one occasion.

What I Listened To This Week – 2-21-20

  • Matt Lewis: Roger Stone was sentenced this week, and just about everyone thinks President Trump will pardon him any second now. So Matt ran his interview with Stone from June 2012. It’s interesting to hear what Stone was like when he was just crazy, not specifically crazy about Donald Trump.
  • Politics Politics Politics: Justin Robert Young attends a rally for President Trump. Hilarity ensues.
  • Write Along with David and Cargill: C. Robert Cargill and David Chen share writing tips every week. In this episode they discuss tips for getting a career writing about film.