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Garry Meier Show – Episode #761: Happy President’s Day Featuring Ryan Seacrest

Imagine going through this pandemic sans the internet, now imagine going through the 1918 pandemic pre-just about every creature comfort we enjoy today. They wore tree bark for a mask. Meanwhile, authorities in Arizona believe they may have finally silenced their “Penis Man” graffiti artist. Plus, a group of mountain climbers had to be rescued while trying to climb the world’s second highest mountain.

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Garry Meier Show – Episode #759: Facebook Is Our Moral Compass

The owner of a small digital photo gallery has had pictures of wildlife, landscapes and buildings blocked by Facebook for supposedly containing “overtly sexual” content including a photo of the England cricket team in a huddle and one of a cow standing in a field. Meanwhile, a computer hacker in Florida almost poisoned a town’s water supply. Plus, a mechanic has a warning about clingy ex-boyfriends.

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