What I Listened To This Week – 2-7-20

You may be saying to yourself “Keith, there’s like 700,000 podcasts out there, and 695,000 of them are true crime podcasts, where can I find something worth listening to?”

To make things a little easier for you, each Friday I’ll give you three podcasts I’ve listened to and enjoyed this week

Just to be fair, I’ll steer clear of the shows I actually work on (Although just for the record, you should totally listen to the Garry Meier Show)

  • Politics Politics Politics: Justin Robert Young was killing it this week. He covered the death throes of the Trump impeachment, the State of the Union address and the never-ending Iowa caucuses. Plus, unlike just about everybody else covering all of those things, he managed to not be a political hack while doing it. My guess is he’s probably going to show up on this list a lot. I’m just sayin’.
  • Current Geek: Scott Johnson and Tom Merritt watch the pilot of Gilligan’s Island. How can you not get excited about that?
  • Alienating the Audience: Andrew Heaton chats up Duke University Geneticist Dr. Eric Spana about how genetics works in all your favorite sci-fi worlds. Remember when George Lucas tried to explain how the Force worked? Yeah, it’s like that, but for everything.

Keith Conrad got his first job in radio in Huntsville, Alabama the day after the 2000 Presidential election when he was a freshman in college. He’s produced radio shows in Huntsville, Milwaukee, WI, Atlanta, GA and finally back in his hometown of Chicago. Currently he lives in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood steps away from the Red Line. The train goes by so often you don’t even notice it. Keith has been dabbling in the Internet arts for a while now, in various roles both professional and just for fun.

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