Gabatron Morning Briefing – 8-1-16: The Old Man In The Cave

A guy in Argentina has been living in alone in a cave for 40 years. When he gets hungry he picks up his rifle and goes hunting or heads on a three-hour trek down the mountain to the nearest settlement, and he has a creek nearby for all of his drinking water needs. He’s definitely roughing it. No phone, no lights, no motor cars, not a single luxury. Like Robinson Crusoe, as primitive as can be. I have to be honest with you, the way things are going, living in a cave doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

JetBlue is offering flights to Cuba for $99 one-way or $210 round-trump starting August 31st. How long do you think it will be before someone says something the Castro brothers don’t like, and they end up thrown in a gulag, bringing this thing to an end? The over/under is 3 months…

Donald Trump is upset about the Presidential debate schedule this fall, mostly because two of them are on a Sunday and Monday night respectively. He says he’s not alone, because the NFL wrote to him complaining about it as well. The problem is the NFL has responded and they say that while they would prefer a different night for the debates, they never complained about it to Trump.

A daredevil skydiver jumped out of an airplane without a parachute from 25,000 feet over the weekend, successfully landing in a net instead. I have at least two people I’d like to see give that a try.

Speaking of the wild blue yonder, the Air Force has decided to raise their enlistment age limit from 27 to 39. So, enlisted recruits can now experience the joys of basic training in their late 30s. Actually, it is good to know that’s still a valid career option for me.

One more thing to worry about: According to a new report, logging on to public WiFi could potentially pose a catastrophic risk. Basically, there’s no way to know if the connection is actually secure or not. is always secure though.

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