Gabatron Morning Briefing – 718-16: Mike Pence Hates Mulan

Mike Pence is officially Donald Trump’s VP choice, after some wailing and gnashing of teeth on Friday. Naturally, everything he’s ever said or done is being looked at. Not only does he have a long record as a politician, but he was also a radio talk show host before that. So you just know there’s going to be some good stuff out there. Back in 1999, he wrote an op-ed piece saying that the animated movie Mulan was evidence that women did not belong in the military. Not only that, but it was supposedly liberal propaganda gone wrong. You see, according to Pence, those leftists at Walt Disney intended to indoctrinate a whole generation of the women folk that they could serve in the military. Unfortunately, once again according to Pence, it did the opposite because Mulan fell in love with her commander. So this is proof that if women are allowed to serve in the military, they will immediately fall in love with their superior officer. Or something.

The Illinois National Guard has a new enemy: Pokemon Go. The public isn’t allowed on its facilities statewide to access the virtual Pokestops and gyms that are part of the game.¬†Guard officials said several players have appeared at the gates of Illinois National Guard facilities and training centers asking for access.

Meanwhile in New Zealand, a guy has quit his job to devote all of his time to hunting Pokemon.

Something apparently happened in the feud between Taylor Swift and Kanye West. Yeah, I don’t care either.

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