Gabatron Morning Briefing – 5-17-16: Those Baby Boomers Just Keep On Working

One in five Americans over the age of 65 are still working. That’s the most older people with a job since the early 1960s. 27 percent of Americans said they will “keep working as long as possible” and another 12 percent said they don’t plan to retire at all. Some people are doing that for financial reasons and others just don’t want to retire. That’s a problem, because the Baby Boomers are holding onto jobs that would normally have been made available for the kiddies.

Fantastic news: There are high lead levels all around the Chicago area. Not Flint-level bad, but bad nonetheless.

Some airports are dealing with the massive TSA delays by providing air travelers with entertainment while they wait. Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport has miniature therapy horses, and San Diego International Airport is bringing in the clowns. I’m sure that would make me feel better if I missed my flight. “Sure, I missed my beloved dog Snuggles dying, but at least I got to pet a miniature horse.”

Chicagoan George Quiroga was one of the people who get to ask Homer Simpson a question during the live Simpsons event on Sunday. He asked if he prefers New York or Chicago-style pizza. Homer naturally prefers Chicago-style.

Donald Trump says there will be more “9/11-style” attacks if we continue to let in Syrian refugees. He said we’re already letting people in who have cell phones that are paid for by ISIS, but hasn’t provided any proof that’s actually happened.

Hillary Clinton has gotten another Humanity Software update. Now he’s impersonating Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

You won’t have John Kasich to kick around anymore. He says he doesn’t want to be Trump’s running mate, and he doesn’t want to run as a 3rd party candidate.

Sinead O’Connor was missing in Wilmette for a couple of hours on Monday. She went for a bike ride and wasn’t heard from for several hours. Apparently she’s has some legal issues going on, and there were worries she might be suicidal.

Error in Judgement: A Congressional candidate in Virginia decided to share a screen capture on his campaign Facebook page. The problem is he a left open a couple other tabs in his browser that just happened to have porn sites open in them at the time.

Someone has unearthed an old family movie showing Wrigley Field in 1937. That was the first year it was in the basic configuration it’s still in today, but one year before Bill Veeck (as in “wreck”) planed the ivy.

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