Gabatron Morning Briefing – 5-16-16: Distracted Legislating

Your tax dollars in action: Two lawmakers in Springfield were caught on camera playing video games while bills were being debated. One claimed he had already done all of the work he planned on doing that day, and other basically had no response, although she did say she’s “focused on working to end the budget impasse.”

George Lucas may be taking his Boba Fett actions figures and heading for home. He is reportedly looking to give San Franciso another chance at hosting the Lucas Museum. San Francisco was the original leading contender until they could come to an agreement the preferred location.

Donald Trump is about to start getting daily intelligence briefings from the CIA. Experts say they will mostly likely hold back some information, since Trump notoriously has no filter whatsoever.

Ben Carson says Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz are both on the short list to be Donald Trump’s running mate. Palin has already said she might be too much of a divisive figure. My prediction is he will name John Miller as his running mate.

SNL had an inside look at the running mate search. They suggest it will end up being Ben Carson.

The hot new app among smart phone users? Trump’s Wall. The objective of the game is to build a wall. It’s basically like Tetris, except obviously more greater.

Update: A judge has ruled the city of Chicago has to allow the Southwest Airlines pilot union to put up their billboard.

A Canadian woman followed her car’s GPS instructions right into Lake Huron. Authorities say it was very foggy conditions with poor visibility. (Audio- the exact same thing happened in The Office)

Error in Culinary Judgement: A Manhattan pizzeria owner is apologizing for the name of one of their pizzas. The say the name “Ground Zero Deep Dish” was a mistake.

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