Gabatron Morning Briefing – 5-10-16: Pugs Have Freedom Of Speech Too

A man is facing hate crime charges in Scotland for posting a video online that showed a pug appearing to perform the Nazi salute in front of a screen depicting Hitler. The 28-year-old from North Lanarkshire was arrested for “publication of offensive material online.” He says he isn’t racist or pro-Hitler by any stretch of the imagination. His girlfriend constantly talks about how cute the pug is, and he wanted to do something that would definitely not be cute.

The Cubs sent a letter to their neighbors complaining about Alderman Tom Tunney blocking an ordinance allowing them to sell alcohol outside of the ballpark. They are still working on the plaza outside of Wrigley Field, but when it’s done there will be restaurants and concession stands out there. A traditional liquor license will let them sell tasty adult beverages during games, but if they want to do it during concerts, they’ll need a new ordinance. Tunney has been haggling over the times it would be allowed, and the Cubs figured since they’ve won seven straight and have the best record in baseball it was about time to grease the skids a bit.

First it was the Ice Bucket Challenge, then there was The Dress, now there is something new breaking the Internet and tearing us all apart: A mom in England posted a math question from the SAT tests for 7 year olds, and most adults can’t figure it out.

Heart-warming story of the day: As Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals was getting on the bus to leave town after getting swept by the Cubs, Harper got off the bus and handed a homeless woman a big jar full of money.

A new poll says US military soldiers prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race by a margin of almost two to one. Of course, at the same time, more than one in five troops said they’d rather not vote in November if they have to choose between just those two candidates.

Donald Trump told CNN on Monday that the US will never default on debt because the government will just print more money. He went on to call himself the “King of Debt”

Trump also named Chris Christie as the head of his transition team if he wins the Presidential race. If starting a transition team seems a little presumptuous, remember that Congress has advised Presidential campaigns to get that ball rolling as soon as possible, since there’s a lot the President-elect will have to do. Hey, I have an idea, let’s move Inauguration Day to March! That’ll give the new President plenty of time… oh…

Most potentially awkward story of the day: Ted Cruz is set to return to the Senate on Tuesday. Gird your loins for lots of Democrats and Trump supporters to say things like “So glad to see you back here, Ted.”

Scare in the Air: A Delta flight from Atlanta to Chicago had to stop in Nashville after a part of it’s engine fell off. The airplane ran into some turbulence, which apparently can cause part of the cowling to come off.

A mom went to help her daughter move out of her college dorm room at Utah State University. She decided to go early an surprise her, and when she got there and noticed her daughter wasn’t home she took a selfie lying in her daughter’s bed and sent it to her. She immediately got a series of panicked texts from her daughter, because she actually was home… her mom was in someone else’s dorm room, lying in their bed.

Ozzy Osbourn update: Now he’s missing and presumed intoxicated. His kids have been trying to reach him but no one can find him.

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