Gabatron Morning Briefing – 3-28-16: Charles Lindbergh For President

Donald Trump has a new foreign policy slogan: America First. So apparently he’s now getting foreign policy advice from Charles Lindbergh in the late 1930’s. Trump says the US has been “disrespected, mocked, and ripped off for many, many years by people that were smarter, shrewder, tougher.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has reportedly rejected all three Police Board suggestions for the new Superintendent. He’s apparently asked Eddie Johnson, the African-American chief of patrol to be the new head honcho. The idea is Johnson will be a pick that will boost morale inside the department, and also help regain trust on the outside.

The fast food workers trying to get $15/hr are joining the CTU one day strike. So basically, don’t plan on doing much of anything on April 1st.

Something to keep an eye on: The Supreme Court could decide on Monday whether or not to hear Rod Blagojevich’s appeal.

A guy in Minnesota has created a gun that folds into something that looks just like a smartphone. He says he made it so people could carry their weapons in places where others might not be comfortable if they saw the people around them were carrying. As you might imagine, police are not all that wild about the idea.

Pez decided to hold an Easter egg hunt in front of their factory in Connecticut on Sunday. Demand was huge and they tried to divide up the event by age so everyone could get a shot at it. Instead the parents didn’t want to wait so they just stormed the field on their own. Thus began the Great Pez Riot of 2016.

Some people are upset because Ohio is an open carry state, but they won’t be able to carry guns at the Republican Convention in Cleveland this summer. They’ve started an online petition and so far have about 35,000 signatures. It appears to have started as an attempt at satire, but obviously 35,000 people care about it.

In Mexico they celebrated Easter by burning effigy’s of Donald Trump. It’s usually tradition to burn either devils or representations of Judas, but this year they decided to switch things up a bit.

Scare in the Air Update: A co-pilot in Detroit was arrested on the tarmac after he failed a breathalyzer test. If you’re wondering why a pilot was given a breathalyzer test to begin with, apparently a TSA agent noticed he was acting strangely. So at least one agent was earning their money. There isn’t a whole lot of margin for error in air travel, but how likely would you be to say something if you noticed the pilot was acting a little Hasselhoffed?

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Will Smith is out with a torn knee ligament. It’s worth mentioning, because it was one of those Freak Spring Training Injuries: he got hurt taking his shoe off. He got on one leg and lost his balance.

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