Gabatron Morning Briefing – 9-21-15: The Most Difficult Job On The Planet

A woman was fed up with her no-good 13 year old kid acting up decided to write him a letter saying if he wanted to be treated like an adult, he should pay his own way. She wrote to him that he should pay her $717 per month to carry his weight, if he’s really an adult. Costs included $430 for rent, $116 for electricity, $21 for internet, and $150 for food.

Interesting Stat of the Day: 20. Darin LaHood was sworn in as the replacement for Aaron Schock, representing the 18th Congressional district in the House of Representatives. He’s the 20th member of Congress who is the son or daughter of a member of Congress.

Edward Snowden told Neil deGrasse Tyson that we could be getting messages from aliens and not even know it.

Ben Carson told Chuck Todd on Meet The Press that a Muslim should never be elected President, he said the Muslim faith is not consistent with the Constitution. Article VI of the Constitution specifically says “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

In technology news, China and the United States reportedly working on a cybersecurity treaty that would be similar to nuclear arms treaties.

Plus, a 17-year-old teenager in North Carolina was prosecuted for having nude pictures of himself on his phone.

Each morning Keith Conrad will give you a few stories useful for starting conversations around the water cooler at work. Assuming that your office actually has a water cooler.

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