Gabatron Morning Briefing – 6-2-15: Armed Kindergarten Cops

Actor Vince Vaughn gave an interview to GQ UK and it ventured into Vaughn’s hardcore libertarian political views. Among other things, he said that he strongly supports the 2nd Amendment as providing people with the means to defend themselves, whether they are defending themselves against the threat of a robbery or an oppressive government. Vaughn went on to say that we should have armed people in schools, because the threat of that would be a deterrent to school shootings.

Interesting stat of the day: According to a new survey, 61% of millennials get their political news from Facebook.

According to ABC News, the TSA failed to detect banned weapons and fake explosives smuggled in by undercover Homeland Security agents 95 percent of the time.

Speaking of air travel, Delta is introducing a new service called “Early Valet.”  Basically, you would give your bag to an airline employee, who would then put it in the overhead bin before anyone gets on the airplane.

In technology news, you may have to wade through some commercials when the next season of House of Cards drops. Netflix is testing out ads on their original programming.

Plus, a politician in Brazil was caught looking at porn during the middle of a debate.

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