Gabatron Morning Briefing – 2-18-15: The Year We Make Contact

A group thinks that we’re being a little too passive in our search for alien life. They want to start actively sending out signals in hopes that aliens will hear us and come for a visit. Others are worried that it could lead to a less than friendly species discovering us.

The cord-cutters are taking over. New data from Neilson indicates that millennials are ditching traditional TV at a faster rate than ever before. 20 percent fewer young adults are watching their TV sets in primetime than four years ago.

It turns out that there are still drive-in movie theaters out there. One of them decided it was a good idea to show 50 Shades of Grey. The problem is that people watching the Spongebob movie on one of the other screens were seeing a little too much of Anastasia and Christian.

Plus, Krispy Kreme has made its way across the pond to England. They are now offering their apologies after a store offered customers the chance to join their “Krispy Kreme Klub.”

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