Gabatron Morning Briefing – 2-9-15: Dibs On Attempted Murder Charge

A woman here in Chicago says that someone cut a brake line under her vehicle last week after she parked in a curbside spot that had been cleared earlier by another motorist. Can we all please agree that attempted murder over a shoveled parking spot might be taking things just a little too far?

St. Charles School District here in Illinois is now looking at the possibility of eliminating individual class rank for district students. Fewer schools are using the rankings, and they essentially argue that it’s just making the students work harder for something that doesn’t mean anything.

A new study says that it is cheaper to run shelters for homeless people than it is to constantly arrest them. According to the study it costs $31,000 per year to arrest homeless people for things like trespassing, public intoxication or sleeping in parks. Giving each homeless person a house and a caseworker to supervise them would cost about $10,000 per person.

There’s a new fight over Airbnb. Some cities are banning it, basically because people are turning your residentially zoned house into a business. Plus, neighbors aren’t wild about strangers taking over their neighbors house for a day or two at a time

…and finally, video may or may not have emerged that shows Bigfoot strolling through an area of Yellowstone National Park.

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