Gabatron Morning Briefing – 2-6-15: Death Of The Party Animal

A new study says that high school seniors these days are more serious and partying less than their parents did. Apparently things are a lot more competitive and they are spending all of their time trying get into the college rather than spending time with their friends.

Walmart manager in my former stomping grounds of Alabama chased and caught up to a shoplifter, who punched him in the face. The manager held the guy for police and recovered the goods. He was immediately fired for gross misconduct, which means that he won’t be working there ever again.

A Maryland teenage girl saw her father and his fiancee get hit by a car in a horrible accident this week and called 911. Usually you expect 911 operators to be a calm and supportive voice to help you deal with a horrific situation, but this one told her to “stop whining” because it was making it had to understand her.

…and finally, a man in Venezuela has completely altered his appearance to look like the Marvel villain Red Skull. He had his face tattooed red, his eyeballs tattooed black and subdermal implants inserted under of his forehead and eyebrows. Most recently he had the tip of his nose chopped off.

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