Gabatron Morning Briefing 2-3-15: Bad Neighbors

A Florida man has decided it’s a good idea to build a gun range in his front yard. The owner says he’s well within his rights, and that’s true, it’s actually perfectly legal. That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

Randy Quaid and his wife have posted a video on YouTube where he attacks various media organizations and Rupert Murdoch. Apparently he is angry that Rupert didn’t thank him for his work on Independence Day. Really.

Radio Shack is preparing to shut down about half its stores and sell the rest to either Sprint or Amazon. Amazon would like to use the storefronts the same way that Apple does.

A big-rig hauling frozen chicken collided with a truck carrying bees in Southern California. The truck with the chickens burst into flames and was incinerated, cooking the chicken.

Charlie Manson’s marriage license expires on Thursday, so the two lovebirds will have to get a new one. The 26 year old woman says that she still intends to go through with the wedding.

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